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Cargo and container freight

Since 1865 Alf Andersen AS has offered cargo and forwarding of goods via Oslo Harbour.

Oslo Harbour was previously full of local freight vessels, and there were up to three boats berthed alongside each other in Bjørvika.
Our previous colleagues and family members operated then as shipping agents and carriage men, who freighted the goods onwards by horse, rail or ship. The world is a much smaller place today and we load containers on a weekly basis from all over the world. The East and China are the areas we most often freight goods to and from, but our services cover the whole world. We choose between the biggest shipping lines. Quality, time and price decide our choice of co-loaders and line operators.

Loading and unloading of containers takes place in a special harbour area in Bjørvika. We also handle further distribution in Norway and abroad. As a smaller operator we will always maintain close contact with the customer and be available for updated information.

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