The history of Oslo’s oldest forwarding company - 150 Years in 2015


Alf Andersen AS was founded in 1865, when the young Andreas Arndt Martinius Andersen (born 24.08.1848) started his carriage company which became a forwarding company in old Oslo (which in 1877 was renamed Kristiania). Here he worked with his daughter-in-law’s father, shown in the picture here.

The founder was a successful businessman and active in associations.
In 1882, he was the first chairman of the Kristiania Wharfworkers Association, and became the owner of Hasle Estate with 22 horses in the stables.

His son Arndt Edvin Andersen and brother Eugen ran the company until Arndt’s only child and son Alf Andersen took over the company and at the same time started their own company with the name Alf Andersen in 1938.
Alf’s two sons, Eyolf Arndt and Pål Edvin Andersen, each took over their own company after their father and grandfather.
Eyolf ran the Alf Andersen company and Pål ran Arnt Edvin Andersen.  Together they ran these companies at Tollbugata 4, 8th floor. From 1970, the operation was moved over to Fred Olsensgt. 11, to the 3rd floor. In 1974, the company became a public limited company, and was registered in Brønnøysund.

In the years 1970-1985. the fifth generation with Espen Arnt Andersen and Siri Merete Andersen began to work in the company, first as summer jobs, then permanently. Espen was a full-time employee from 1979-1985, Siri from 1977-79. In autumn 1987, Siri returned. This time with the Wingaard surname. Espen was on the board all along and in later years as served as Chairman of the Board.

In 1993, the company moved to Skur 49, Langkaia, into lively surroundings with lots of other forwarding agents. In 1996, Siri took over the formal responsibility when Eyolf A. Andersen retired with a pension. In 2003, the sixth generation began with Siri’s daughter, Therese Wingaard and a few years later her brother, Aksel Wingaard.

In December 2009, the company moved to Paulsenkaia, Skur 61,and in april 2014 to Kongshavnveien 28, still in the harbour of Oslo.

Here,in the capital of Norway  Oslo’s oldest forwarding company has been located for 150 years in 2015.


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