Customs clearance and Customs processing

We can offer favorable agreements with both Norwegian and international companies that operate freight via air transport.


We have very competitive rates with all the airlines operating on Norwegian soil.

International Partners

We have good rates from all over the world to Norway through our solid agent network everywhere abroad

Packaging and Labeling

We also handle packing, marking and sending of dangerous goods / including radioactive on aircraft when needed.

Customs clearance and Customs processing

There are many benefits from letting us handle your company’s customs clearance. We have the necessary tools needed to connect us to the TVINN system, which is the system the Norwegian Customs use.

We perform services such as:

  • Customs clearance: import
  • Customs clearance: export
  • Creation and completion of transit documents
  • Storage hotel
  • Customs warehouse
    • We have extensive experience with customs clearance and can offer our customers a hassle-free and smooth process.

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